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I am so proud of you. What a refreshing change from people that talk to see a bunch of young people actually *doing* something... trying to make a difference. I applaud you, I am one of you, and I realize that the fight is far from being over. I have something to say, however, that you wont like. I don't like it myself, but it needs to be said.

Unfortunately, the OWS movement here in Portland, has picked up every street person and drug addict that is looking for a place to stay. They shit where they eat, sell meth there, harass film crews and people that walk by. This is hurting the cause because the voices of the well educated civic activists is being drowned out by the activities of the people that are just there because they have nothing better to do. This is too bad, because our Mayor has been giving us the space we need to protect our rights to free speech, but during a march last week, one of these "protesters" tried to push a bicycle cop in front of a passing bus. Couple that with the self-proclaimed "anarchists" who have no idea what the term means, and are not willing to look it up in a dictionary out of fear that it will mean he can't bash bank windows with their skateboards, and you see a movement that started out for all the right reasons but will go down in history for all the wrong ones.

Create you own security crew. Don't let the squeaky wheel get all the grease. They are going to make the assholes at FOX, who see us as a bunch of disorganized hippies wishing for a handout right.

We have an opportunity here. Let's not let a few criminals fuck it up for the rest of us.

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